The following career advice topics are from Career Development Reports written by Bill Radin of Innovative Consulting Inc. They have been reproduced here for your convenience with the cooperation of Top Echelon Network and Bill Radin.

Overcoming the Fear of Change

The Complete Job Description
The Positive Power of Values
The Job Description Makeover
Your Job Changing Strategy

Executive Recruiters: Your Job-Search Commandos

Headhunters: The Missing Link
Don’t Get Lost in the Headhunter Shuffle
Headhunter Types: Sigmund, Sherlock, and Donald
The Two-Party System
Some Common Sense Ground Rules

Seven Keys to Interview Preparation

One: The Resume

Two: Appropriate Dress and Appearance
Three: Directions To the Interview Location
Four: Name and Title of the Interviewer(s)
Five: Understanding the Company’s Hiring Procedure
Six: Background Information On the Company
Seven: A Complete List of Questions You Want to Ask.

How to Master the Art of Interviewing

The Other Fundamentals
Basic Interviewing Strategy
Don’t Talk Yourself Out of a Job
The Prudent Use of Questions
Give It Some Thought
Money, Money, Money
Some Questions You Can Count On
Wrapping It Up

Position Comparison: How to Evaluate a Job Offer

Keeping Score
The Economic Factor
Figuring the Bottom Line
Lay Your Cards on the Table
The Porcupine Category
How an Offer Is Staged
Accepting the Offer
New Angles and Unusual Deals
Position Comparison Guide
Position Compensation Guide

The Proper Way to Resign

Don’t Let the Demons Get You Down
Considering the Counteroffer
Here Come the Three Stages
How to Tactfully Resign
Relocation Specialists
Culture Shock and Task Clarity
Changing Jobs: A New Beginning


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