Direct Hire and Contract Employment Services Companies founded in 1991

After serving fifteen years with a direct hire and contract employment services company, in most all capacities from Recruiter to General Manager,  Roger Miller CPC formed his own companies in January 1991.  In December of 2005 Thomas R. Havey CPC became President and Owner of Corporate Management Solutions Inc.  Roger will remain as a Recruiter & Special Projects Manager.

Corporate Management Solutions Inc (CMS) is a direct hire employer fee paid employment company specializing in professional and technical staffing solutions for candidates and client companies.  They focus on Retained, Exclusive and Contingency searches, but also provide In- House Employment services on an hourly basis as well as Outplacement services.

Temporary Management Solutions Inc (TMS) is a contract services company providing technical and professional personnel to client companies on a short or long term basis.  

The primary focus of both companies is serve the needs of candidates and client companies in all employment functions associated with professional, technical, and manufacturing operations in most all industries.  With our internal staff of industry experts and our external partners, we have the expertise to be successful in any recruiting assignment our clients give us anywhere in the country.

Our staff will continue to grow (in terms of training, industry knowledge and size) as our clients require us to do so.  Every employee at CMS, who is eligible, has become certified by the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) as a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and is bound by their Code of Ethics.  

Roger Miller CPC has over forty years engineering, sales and management experience.  He has served in the personnel services industry since 1976 and is a past president of the Indiana Association of Personnel Services (IAPS).   

Thomas Havey CPC has over 30 years Manufacturing Operations Management from maintenance through engineering manager to plant manager experience, and has served in the personnel services industry since 1992. 

If you need to keep your career on track by hiring top talent or you need to get your career moving by changing teams, remember these numbers, you never know when you will need to contact us.  



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